Selecting the right outdoor furniture

Luxury is sipping a cup of coffee, taking a breath of fresh air while feasting your eyes on nature’s beauty. For those of us who enjoy a few moments sitting outdoors, a beautiful surrounding can really uplift the mood. I can spend long hours just reading a book on the porch or under a tree. To spend time outdoors you need comfortable sitting as well as durable furniture.

Outdoor furniture that requires little looking after, works the best. Find cheap outdoor furniture in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, and Brisbane with Outdoor Furniture Online. Most furniture that is kept outdoors is exposed to high temperature, rain and wind – all damaging for natural wood or wicker. Wrought iron tends to rust but can withstand heat. Some outdoor furniture materials are more weather resistant than others.

Rattan is a good choice when deciding on outdoor furniture. It is appealing to the eye and comes in various styles. Natural rattan tends to catch mold whereas synthetic rattan does not. Natural rattan is designed to look identical to natural rattan, but is much more resistant to the weather.

Aluminium outdoor furniture is another good option. Most Aluminum is coated with powder-coat so it will not fade or rust. It requires less maintenance than steel or wrought iron and is significantly lighter and easier to move. Wrought iron tends to heat up in the sun and comparatively aluminum remains cool. However, it is slightly more expensive and some high end furniture can even be expensive.

Plastic is inexpensive and comfortable and weather resistant. However it is not very appealing to the eye and is also extremely lightweight. Since it is lightweight, it is also very portable. Plastic chairs require less storage as they can be stacked and pulled out when required. However, plastic is not a good option in windy areas.

Wood has it’s own charm but is expensive and requires high maintenance. Teak is a commonly used material for outdoor furniture. It is resistant to fungal decay, rot and swelling. It is also resistant to fire, acid and alkalis.

Entertaining Outdoors

If you are lucky to live in a house with good outdoor space, use your outdoor space to create the perfect gathering place for entertaining family and friends. There are many ways that you can use the space for entertainment.

Installing a swimming pool is a great addition to a house and a great way to utilise space. It is fantastic if there are kids in the house as a swimming pool can provide endless hours of entertainment to children. Poolside parties are a wonderful way of relaxing and entertaining. Pools are not difficult to install or maintain. Fibreglass pools come in a variety of styles and finish. You also get a large choice of colours with non-slip smooth, glossy, sparkling fibreglass finishes. Riverina Fibreglass Pools
gives you the option to enhance the landscaping effects with a great range of pavers and borders to create your own environment.

If there is a patio or a porch big enough to hold a dining table, try converting the area into a fresh air dining room. This works really well when the weather turns pleasant. Adding a bench to the table gives it a lovely informal look. for chairs throw in a few coloured cushions and you have a warm and relaxing sit-out where you can enjoy the cool breeze or the warm sun. For pleasant summer evenings, install a grill or a barbecue and you are all set for cool entertainment. The porch does not have to be left open, you can turn your open porch into an enclosed setting and create an additional space that doesn’t depend on the weather.

If the living area overlooks an open space, think about taking the space in so that the living room can open out into a bigger area for entertainment. Good lighting, comfortable seating and a lot of green plants bring in a spacious look and feel to the room without taking away the beauty of the place. By extending a room you that can also entertain larger number of guests at a time. Get creative, think about crowd flow and be willing to repurpose your stuff to create an Outdoor party room

Backpackers do’s and do’nts

Hiking is a great way to enjoy the outdoor and nothing beats setting off on your own to explore something new and something different. It gets you to enjoy the fresh crisp air and be one with nature.

If you are driving upto a point before starting the hike, or towing a trailer with you be aware of your car’s towing capacity, insurance requirements as well as State rules and regulations surrounding vehicles and towing. Westcott Towbars have set the bar for quality towing supplies and accessories ever since 1973.

However don’t underestimate the power of nature. Be prepared, especially if you plan to camp out as a part of the hike. Make sure you carry adequate clothing incase there is a sudden turn in the temperature. When setting camp make sure you set it on a flat terrain. Don’t cross rivers if you don’t know how deep they are or if the current seems strong. Be aware of high winds and of whether or not they can carry things around.

Invest in a good pair of hiking shoes as well as rain gear. Hiking shoes are lighter and more flexible than cross trainers or running shoes. These hiking shoes are made with leather, suede, or synthetic reinforcements that provide a support structure and add abrasion-resistance. Hiking shoes can be bought in a size larger than you usually wear, so that your feet do not feel restricted when you have walked long enough. Make sure that the socks are thick cotton socks, as cotton tends to absorb moisture and also prevents friction.

Try covering arms and legs by wearing a full sleeve shirt and tracks. A full sleeve prevents weather damage to the skin especially if the sun is too bright. It also provides protection from insect bites. Opt for synthetic material clothing like polyesteras it allows the skin to breathe and also dries out sweat quickly, allowing the body to remain dry and cool.

Carry basic equipment like first-aid kit, a Swiss army knife, and waterproof matches. Leave the fancy stuff like CD players etc. Read instructions for any gear that you carry and try out all the equipment before you head out. Just don’t assume that all will work. It is better to rectify any complaints then to be stuck with something faulty.